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how booking works
with LMP

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We will begin by booking a consultation over Zoom. This is where we will discuss everything we need to know in order to make the package customized to your story. Everything from how you met, what your wedding theme is, must have shots, color grading options, and editing options so we can give you exactly what you are envisioning.

itinerary checks

Mary will reach out again for a final itinerary check 1-4 months prior to the wedding to see if anything (and we're sure it has at this point!) changed. You can also reach us at anytime through whatever means you'd like to update the itinerary, send us ideas you like or answer any of your questions along the way.

we take your

initial payment

After we've discussed everything and you want to book, we will take an initial payment to actually secure your date. If you are booking one package (photo or video only) will be just half the price of that package you chose. The other half is taken any time before the date of your wedding. If you are booking a bundle (photo & video together) then the initial payment will be $1500 flat and the service payment (what it left) can be paid anytime before the date of the wedding.

wedding day!

On the day of your wedding we will arrive and start snapping/filming! Feel free to pull us aside and ask anything, its your day! 

 service payment anytime before wedding 

The service payment is whatever is leftover after the initial payment is taken, plus any travel fees or addons you have chosen. You can pay the service payment any way you would like and even break it up with our available payment plans. The service payment is due any day before the date of your wedding.

45 day delivery 

All of our packages have a 45 day deadline, though it usually doesn't take us even that long. If you have any questions while you wait, feel free to contact us. We are always excited during the editing process!

are you ready

to book with us?

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